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The Thompson Farm, Ballynaris, Dromore

thompson-ballynaris-magherabeg-dromoreAnother little genealogy mystery which I would love to solve is that of the Thompson Farm at Ballynaris, Dromore. The story comes from my father in law who was taken to visit the farm around the age of 5 years old which would have been around 1930. I always believed I would find a marriage somewhere between a Thompson and a Smiley or Gracey but unfortunately the link has not been such a simple one.

My father in law Stanley frequently says "I would love to know who the Thompson family were and how they fitted into the family".

Stanley's description is that they got off the train at the stop before Dromore. They walked along the lines in the same direction as the train (towards Dromore) and the Thompson farm was not too far and on the right hand side of the lines.

The stop before Dromore was Magherabeg and the halt was at the top right hand corner of the map where the letter T appears. The arrow shows where I believe the Thompson farm was located. The blue line at this point is a small river and forms the boundary between the townlands of Magherabeg to the north and Ballynaris to the south. So as you can see, if I am correct the Thompson farm would have been just inside the townland of Ballynaris.