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stevenson-derrycaw-tartaraghanOur Stevenson family

The Stevenson surname comes from my mother in laws side. Unfortunately due to young deaths in the family she knows virtually nothing of her Stevenson ancestry except that they were from the Portadown area.

I have been able to trace back to Samuel Stevenson of Derrycaw as being the earlies marriage registration I can locate for her ancestors in this area.

Samuel was the son of Edward Stevenson and was married to Anne Wright at Tartaraghan Church of Ireland in 1875.

It would be likely that Samuel had various brothers and sisters but I have not been able to piece these together yet. My reasoning for this is the popularity of the Stevenson name in that area and it would be very easy to link the wrong family without some extra proof.

Apparently the Stevenson family were later shop owners in Portadown. My mother in law has told me that at one time a shop in Belfast had something to do with her Stevenson family. The shop holding is now history but it may help fellow researchers link to this family.

There is an Edward Stevenson buried in Milltown cemetery and I believe this is quite possibly my mother in laws great great grandfather.