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Annie McGreevy Dombos born 27 June 1910

I would like to make contact with any of the descendants of Annie McGreevy (McGreavy) of Belfast, Northern Ireland who met and married a serviceman with the surname of Dombos during the second World War.

mcgreevyAnnie McGreevy was the Aunt of my mother which is one reason I would like to know more of her life in Kalamazoo and maybe share some photographs with her descendants. Although I know Annie died around 1997 I am hopeful that her family line is not extinct, my mother, Annies neice is still alive at the grand age of 85 and she remembers Annie well.

Annie and Dombos met in Belfast during the second world war and married some time thereafter, Annie was already ~35 years old at the time and the family believed she would probably not marry and remain a spinster like her sister Eleanor (Nell). However she met Dombos and they later did marry although I am not sure if the marriage event took place in Belfast or in the USA.

What I do know is that Annie McGreevy did emigrate to Kalamazoo, Michigan (MI) to live out her married life with Dombos. I also believe that Annie had one son so the Dombos name would have carried on at least one more generation.

Annie would actually be my grandaunt, hence my interest in learning more about her life in the United States and her family. Shortly after Annie arrived in the USA I believe she did need some sort of eye surgery and I wonder if it might have been glaucoma based as this remains in our family today with unknown genetic origins.

My mother remembers Annie and also remembers that for several years Annie returned home to Belfast to visit with her sister Eleanor (Nell) but unfortunately she knows little more.

If you are connected to Annie McGreevy Dombos I would welcome contact from you where and hopefully we could exchange family history stories, and build a better understanding of our ancestors.