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Our Gracey genealogy

First Generation

My best estimation is that Henry Gracey was born sometime before 1823, I don't know where. One line of research I need to pursue is the Henry Gracey who married Margaret Hannah in Ballymore, Tandragee, Co Armagh.

Second Generation

Henry Gracey and Margaret Hannah did have a son called John in 1829 and it is possible that this is our John. Our John Gracey married Annie Woods in Belfast in 1862. At that time John's occupation was an iron turner while his father Henry was noted as a pattern maker, also working in metals. Annie was the daughter of James Woods and there was also a W Woods who appeared as witness at the marriage.

John Gracey and Annie Woods had the following children :-

  • Henry Joy Gracey - born around 1864, married Margaret Jane Taylor McCoubrey.
  • James Woods Gracey - born around 1865.
  • Margaret Murphy Gracey - born around 1867 in Newry, Co Down.
  • Elizabeth Gracey - born around 1868 in Canal Street, Newry, Co Down.
  • Robert John Gracey - born around 1871 in Belfast.
  • William Woods Gracey - born around 1872 in Belfast, married Margaret Nesbitt.
  • John Gracey - born around 1874 in Belfast, married Sarah Hanna.
  • James Woods Gracey - born around 1876, married Elizabeth (Lizzie) McMaster and was to emigrate to Canada.
  • George Frederick Handel Gracey - born around 1878, married Amelia Coulter in Ankara, Turkey.
  • Minnie or Maggie Gracey - born around 1881 in Belfast.

Third Generation

Henry Joy Gracey (John-2, Henry-1) was born around 1864 in Belfast. Henry Joy Gracey married Margaret Jane Taylor McCoubrey in the year 1890 in Belfast. The couple moved to England to live there and did not return to Ireland to the best of my knowledge.

William Woods Gracey (John-2, Henry-1) was born around 1872 in Belfast  William Woods Gracey married Margaret Nesbitt in the year 1899 in Belfast. William Woods Gracey and Margaret Nesbitt had the following children:-

  • Robert John Gracey was born around 1900 in Belfast.
  • Anne Woods Gracey was born around 1901 in Belfast
  • William Woods Gracey was born around 1910 in Belfast

John Gracey (John-2, Henry-1) was born around 1874 in Belfast. John Gracey married Sarah Hanna on 13 Jul 1898 in Belfast.  Sarah Hanna (daughter of Robert Hanna) was born around 1877 in County Antrim.   John Gracey and Sarah Hanna had the following children:-

  • Alfred Ernest Gracey - born around 1899, later married Isabella Drennan.
  • Robert Hanna Gracey - born around 1901.
  • Kathleen Wood Gracey - born around 1903, later married Stanley Livingstone Smiley.
  • Ruth Gracey - born after 1904 in a place unknown.
  • Minnie Gracey - born around 1908, later married James McNeilly.
  • John Woods (Jack) Gracey - born around 1910, emigrated to Canada.
  • Sarah Gracey - born around 1917, later married John Brown.

James Woods Gracey (John-2, Henry-1) was born around 1876 in Belfast. James Woods Gracey married Elizabeth (Lizzie) McMaster on 24 December 1906 in Belfast. James Woods and Lizzie emigrated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1907 never to return to Ireland. James Woods Gracey and Elizabeth (Lizzie) McMaster had the following children:

  •  Jim Gracey was born after 1920 in Canada.
  •  George Gracey, born after 1920 in Canada.
  •  Jean Gracey was born after 1920 in Canada.
  •  Lil Gracey was born after 1920 in Canada.

george-frederick-handel-graceyGeorge Frederick Handel Gracey (John-2, Henry-1) was born around 1878 in Belfast.  George had quite a colourful career working as an envoy in the middle east and also travelling and working for Save the Children Fund in his later years. George married Amelia Counter (from Belfast) in 1909 in Ankara, Turkey.

My father in law still remembers George coming back to visit the family and bringing fine pieces of wood carvings and gifts from his travels. Unfortunately apart from that which is written we have no links to the family or descendants of George now.